Emblematic is a project that arose in 2017, in a crucial moment of my life. Since I was a child, I have considered myself very entrepreneurial. However, I had an inflexion moment that clicked in my soul during my Erasmus program in the capital of Portugal, which was an awesome explosion of emotions. I met brilliant people from all sectors: from CEOs and founders of mobility companies to prestigious real estate entrepreneurs. All very young, with my age in average. 

That, created in me an emotion, an impulse, an overwhelming energy. And the big question appeared in my mind: What about me? Why not? I felt I needed to do something...I have learned that this life is very short, and you cannot stay asleep. You must profit every moment and act when an idea pops into your head. So, I did.

In 2017 Emblematic was born, from the union of my desire to undertake a project along with my passion for good clothing and e-commerce. I have to say that, at first, Emblematic was created as pure fun, passion and training. However, after a couple of years synergizing this entrepreneurial activity with my careers, I have been able to adapt the business model to what the market needs. 

Perhaps, the current times are difficult due to the Covid and all its consequences in relation to a strong drop in demand. But this has only made my motivation and desire to undertake my project even harder. I can say that I have now set a clear and fixed goal. Thus, this brand was not born to disappear, but to stay. 

The mission is very objective, to offer exclusive complements for Gentlemans, non-conformist, different, entrepreneurial and executives. Creating this way a community of important people for us. An Emblematic community, a club of members. 

Finally, something must be clarified: YOU, those who have made and make this project a reality, are the most important part of my project. We will always be grateful and treat you as our priority.

Without further ado, may you please have a great day, 

And thank you again. 


Javier Boccio.